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Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation (TNTB&ESC) - Technical Printing Process
Printing process is mainly classified under four major categories
a)    Letter press printing process
b)    Offset printing process
c)    Gravure printing process and
d)    Screen printing process.

       Among all printing processes, offset printing process is suitable and highly adoptable for mass textbook printing in paper with high standards.

Offset Printing Process
       Offset printing process should be categorized with 3 stages as
       a)    Pre Ė press work
       b)    Press work
       c)    Post Ė press work

Pre-Press work:
       From pre-press work in respect of print orders given, CDís / Film materials issued to printers CDís / Film material are verified and imposed for correct pagination. CDís digital proofs are taken initially to inspect the contents of books in proper manner. With correct impositions and alignments machine proofs should be taken from the offset printing machines for final strike order approval. Approval machine proof strike orders should be free from all corrections mentioned by editorial and technical wing of Tamilnadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.

Press Work:

       In press works, two modes of printing is adoptable as
          i.    Sheet fed mode of printing
          ii.    Web mode of printing

  i. Sheet fed mode of printing:

       In sheet fed mode of printing individual sheets of papers are prinited one by one as 8 page / 16 page forms in A4 / C5 size sheets. Printer should ensure every copy of book printed by them is in very high standards as prescribed by Tamilnadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation tender norms.

  ii. Web mode of printing:

       In web mode of printing, paper reels are used for printing on both sides. Simultaneously both sides of paper are printed, folded as forms in 3 folds / 4 folds accordingly. In web offset, printing should be done in single reel only to ensure very high quality in each and every printed copies printed by them.

Post press work:

       In post press work, binding and dispatching of books covered mainly. Binding operations should be carried out stage wise as:
           I) Folding and gathering
           ii) Stitching of books
           iii) Wrapper Fixing of books
           iv) Trimmimg of books
           v) Bundling of books
           vi) Despatching of Finished books

  i)    Folding and Gathering:

       Printed forms are folded nicely to present a good look in automatic folding machines. Folded forms are collected and gathered neatly to form a complete gathered book with correct sequence pages readably.

ii) Stitching of books:

       Saddle wire stitching is to be done for 96 pages and less. For more than 96 pages, binding should be done by side wire stitching.

iii) Wrapper Fixing:

       Wrapper fixing should be done by printed wrapper pasting on the spine side of the book with correct creasing marks to open the book easily.

  iv) Trimming of books:

       Books should be trimmed in three sides with equal margins and in prescribed sizes by automatic cutting machines. Trimming should ensure all pages of books opened freely and present a good look of all corners equally.

v) Bundling of books:

       In bundling correct number of books should be tied with 5ply jute / tape in each four corners tightly with intermediate sheets present in between books and kraft sheets. After bundling with kraft sheets, labels to be pasted on both sides.

  vi) Despatching of Finished books:

       All books which are ready for delivery should be dispatched to the destinations given by sales section of Textbook Corporation in prior time without any damage in transit.
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